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Jaya Clear Containers  

  • Made from all-natural and sustainable resources by StalkMarket®. 
  • Our takeout trays and lids are made from all-natural plant sugars grown in the USA.
  • High-Performance, upscale elegant look, and feel without the use of Petro-Chemicals
  • 5 versatile sizes to choose from
  • Fully 100 % certified compostables per ASTM 6400 and BPI standards
  • They make great deli case grab and go display containers for cut wraps, salads, pastries, as well as sushi.
  • Easy nesting for high volume use and storage
  • Made from environmentally friendly plant-based sugar biopolymers
  • For cold foods only


Planet + Food Containers

  • Made from all-natural and sustainable resources by StalkMarket®. 
  • Planet + delivers outstanding hot or cold food serving performance
  • Compostable lids made from plant-based sugar biopolymer, allowing increased flexibility and strength
  • Premium SFI paperboard, feel and perform like traditional products, without petrochemicals
  • Lined with plant-based biopolymer – made from all natural plant sugars
  • Fully compostable within 60 to 90 days in commercial composting facilities
  • Meets ASTM D6400 compostable standards and BPI certified
  • Withstands boiling water. Double sealed seams for exceptional strength
  • Freezer safe
  • Cedar Grove approved
  • 4 color custom printing available
  • Not recommended for microwave


StalkMarket Hinged Container

  • Made from 100% compostable sugar cane fiber, a sugar refining byproduct.
  • 100% tree and plastic free, made from sustainable resources
  • Compostable both in the home and commercial facilities
  • Microwaveable & freezer safe
  • Oil & cut resistant

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