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Masquerading as ordinary paper hot cups and food containers, our Planet+® compostable cups, food containers, and lids are much more then meets the eye. Made of 100% renewable plant resources, from natural fibers to plant sugars, not a drop of petroleum is used in their creation. Freed from the guilt of using non-renewable materials, you'll find these cups and containers fit into your life without the negative karma or bad vibes one might normally have when using a single use disposable cup or container. They're BPI certified and ASTM compliant so once used and composted in a commercial facility, they turn into excellent soil hummus. Plus, they are good looking, feel great in your hand, and function brilliantly!


The Planet+ family of products from Stalkmarket deliver outstanding serving performance with all the same qualities as standard petroleum based / non-compostable paper cup products. All Planet + hot or cold cups come lined with Ingeo biopolymers which are made from 100% natural plant sugars, are 100% BPI certified compostable, meet all ASTM 6400 composting requirements and are Cedar Grove approved. This comprehensive line of 100% pre-consumer recycled fiber products come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your many needs. Available in Hot, cold or double walled cups. Planet + products also mix and match perfectly with other Stalkmarket families of compostable products like Jaya PLA plastic cutlery and containers, Stalkmarket sugarcane products and the fashionable Wasara product lines.All green. All the time. That’s us.