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The Lotus Group - Good For The Earth, Good For Us

The Lotus Group focuses on providing Eco-Friendly Products at Speed, Quality and Mesmerizing Experience to our Environment & Health Conscious Customers. We focus on technology, flexibility, and excellence in everything we do. Our team is passionate to serve the customers and help to create a positive impact on the lives of planet earth. The Lotus Group believes that every solution provided should be sustainable. 

Our Vision is to create a positive impact on the lives of planet earth by providing sustainable solutions and pursue 

“Possibilities Beyond Profitability"


Eco-Friendly Products

Food Containers

6 products

Palm Leaf

18 products

Stalk Market Clamshells

16 products

StalkMarket Bowls

31 products

StalkMarket Plates & Trays

50 products

Hot Cups

17 products

Planet+ Cold Cups

12 products

Jaya - Clear Containers

31 products

Stalk Market Compostable Cutlery

29 products

PLA & Paper Straws

5 products

Natur-Bag Trash Liners

4 products

SelfEco Compostable Self-Feeding Seed-Starting Garden Pots

0 products

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