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About Us


The Lotus Group is a distributor of Asean's Family of Brands. It is dedicated to providing only 100% compostable and recyclable products. Its vision is to create a positive impact on the lives of planet Earth and provide "Possibilities Beyond Profitability. The Lotus Group believes that every solution provided should be sustainable. We believe in solutions such as “Good for the Earth – Good For You!” All of Asean's Family of Brands compostable tableware products meet ASTM® #D6400 or #D6868 and are BPI® certified. 

We represent Asean's Family of Brands which are StalkMarket, Planet+, Jaya, Wasara, and Eco-Source. 

Good for the Earth, Good for Us

Unlike traditional paper tableware, StalkMarket doesn't use a polyethylene coating, which means it will degrade quickly in a composter or landfill. Made entirely of renewable and sustainable materials, this dinnerware is an environmentally superior alternative to disposable plastic or polystyrene products.

StalkMarket products are built tough and can withstand boiling liquids, are microwave safe, can be frozen, and are oil- and cut-resistant. Since the raw materials used to make StalkMarket utensils and tableware are byproducts of food-grade sugar processing, they are free of any contaminants throughout the manufacturing process. This means they are perfectly safe for food contact, pharmaceutical packaging, and personal care items.

Feel Good Without Feeling Poor

With StalkMarket products, you can feel good about doing your part for the environment without feeling a pinch in your wallet. StalkMarket disposable tableware is priced similarly to other high-end disposable paper products and, in fact, often costs less than plastic or polystyrene products, due to the rising cost of oil-based products.

StalkMarket was created to provide an environmentally and economically viable alternative to traditional disposable paper- and plastic-based products. A sugarcane fiber-based paperboard called bagasse is the base material for StalkMarket's core line of products. Bagasse is made from recovered sugarcane waste from sugar refineries. StalkMarket products are fully compostable after use, creating a green cycle that goes from Stalk to Market and from Market back to Stalk.


TheLotusGroup focus on providing Eco-Friendly Products at Speed, Quality and Mesmerizing Experience to our Environment & Health Conscious Customers. We focus on Speed, Flexibility, Excellence in Everything We Do. Our team is passionate to serve the customer and help to create positive impact on the life's of planet earth.


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