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Made from all-natural and sustainable resources by  Wasara


WASARA was born from a desire to design tableware that perfectly complements the dishes you serve to create a heartwarming and comfortable setting, all with 100% natural and renewable plant fiber materials. At the foundation of WASARA is a legacy of Japanese aesthetic and values: traditional craftsmanship based on incomparable technical skill, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and a spirit placing utmost importance on hospitality and courtesy to others. WASARA tableware embodies everything essential for an enriched and fulfilling life. All of our compostable products meet or exceed ASTM 6400/6868 standards and are certified by the respected leading global testing labs of BPI, Din Certo and Ok Compost. In addition, all of our compostable products meet or exceed USDA BioPreferred requirements for use of natural plant materials.


This highly sustainable product is 100% tree-free, made from sugar cane, bamboo, and reed pulp. It’s easily compostable and certified to break down into the soil. These durable tableware pieces are perfect single-use items. A collection of 17 durable pieces. Stands up to sauces and hot liquid. Their sculptural shape is pleasing to hold. Recipient of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award, as awarded by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. Discover elegance and beauty in a fully compostable line of single-use tableware. Made from bamboo and bagasse, Natural edges and organic texture lend a handmade look. Wasara tableware strikes a perfect balance between offering a refined flair and providing a canvas simple enough to showcase what really matters - your beautiful food. Perfect for your green wedding or other formal events.